Over the years, the firm has completed a variety of sustainably designed projects ranging from small residential additions to state-of-the-art automotive maintenance facilities for a large local school district. Located in a diversity of both urban and rural settings, each of the firm's sustainable projects has been an exploration into site-specific architecture and the judicious use of available sustainable resources. Whether a multi-unit Independent Living Facility in the red rock country of Gallup, New Mexico, or a single family rammed earth residence in the high desert region of the southern Black Range, our work maintains a sensitivity to project context and the environment, and a stresses the use of available sustainable resources. Daylight, natural ventilation, and passive solar design features increase the livability of our designs and help create a healthy and dynamic sense of place for the building's occupants.

  • Rammed Earth/Adobe Construction
  • Structural Insulating Panel Systems
  • Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Masonry
  • Insulating Concrete Forms
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Onsite Septic and Wetlands Design
  • Passive and Photovoltaic Solar Design
  • Radiant Heating/Passive Cooling

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