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J S. Rogers Architects, P. C. is actively involved in the local business community and regularly offers its professional pro-bono assistance to the public in connection with a wide variety of development projects, schools facility and planning events. Recognizing the need to preserve the cultural and historic context of the near downtown neighborhoods in which his office resides, Mr. Rogers and his staff have been actively involved with the writing, promotion and implementation of the Sawmill Wells Park Metropolitan Area Development Plan and other legislative planning documents which have been adopted by the City of Albuquerque for the benefit of local residents and business owners. A past board member of the Downtown Neighborhood Association, Mr. Rogers is currently an active board member for the Wells Park Neighborhood Association and serves as a co-chair for the Housing Committee of the SWPNA MRA Plan. Opening its doors to host numerous community events and public meetings, the firm continues to be actively involved with the many planning and organizational efforts ongoing within the culturally rich communities of which it is a member.

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