Credits & Associations  
J. S. Rogers Architects, P. C. would like to acknowledge the photographic contributions of Mr. Kirk Gittings who is responsible for many of the images included on this web site. That work is included herein with his permission.

J. S. Rogers Architects P. C. would like to credit Mr. George Sanders, AIA for his professional involvement with the pictured work that was completed while he was a founding partner of the firm’s prior iteration. Credit should also be given to Wright & Hammer Architects for their involvement with the Thomas Bell Community Center and the Atrisco Elementary School Gymnasium projects, several images of which are also included on this web site.

J. S. Rogers Architects, P. C. would like to acknowledge the participation of our consulting engineers and the numerous fine contracting firms with whom the firm has associated for many years. A list of our consultants and associating contractors will gladly be provided to any who wish to ask for that information.

Finally, the firm would like to thank the numerous individuals and clients with whom we have proudly associated since the firm’s inception in 1992. The following is a partial listing of our professional associations.

Albuquerque Public Schools
All Faiths Receiving Home
Archdiocese of Santa Fe
City of Albuquerque
Coldwell Banker Commercial
Hensel and Associates
Los Alamos Public Schools
Santa Fe Public Schools
Sawmill Community Land Trust
Summit Electric Supply
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Seventh-day Adventist Church
The Little Sisters of the Poor at Villa Guadalupe
Wolff’s Bagels


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